Social Butterfly Gets the Worm

Does your company currently engage in social media marketing? If your answer is “no”, according to a recent poll conducted by Chief Marketer, you are part of a small group of those yet to adopt social media into your marketing mix. Perhaps you thought channels like Facebook and Twitter were passing fads not worth your marketing dollars. Maybe you didn’t feel like your services or products really lent themselves to such a dynamic marketing channel. Or, you might even get the feeling social media is more for B2C use than B2B. However, consistent growth trends over the last few years suggest otherwise on all counts. 

So, what do we mean by “small group?” According to poll results, 76% of marketers are utilizing social media with another 16% dialing in their efforts by the end of 2012. In other words, if you have yet to get crackin’ on the social media front, you’re more than likely a part of the 8% of all marketers NOT taking advantage of social media and its reach. Yikes!!

Whether you just didn’t have a genuine interest or simply couldn’t find the time to adopt a social media plan, its high time to spread your wings and become a social butterfly.Here are the fast facts to encourage you to move along with the times, so you can stay relevant and in contact with your audience:

  • Yes, B2C is more active in social media (79%), but B2B social media efforts are close behind and growing (68%).
  • For B2C marketers, Facebook (94%) is the preferred channel for social marketing with Twitter not too far behind and LinkedIn used by less than half, but still on the board.
  • Alternatively, for B2B marketers, LinkedIn is the first choice (85%) with Facebook and Twitter tied for runner up.
  • And don’t forget YouTube, Vimeo, and Pinterest.

Its clear consumers have accepted and are utilizing social media as a popular channel for your marketing messages. Be present where and when your customers want you to be. It would be an awful waste of opportunity to have your customers try to connect with you via social media only to find you are still in your “cocoon.” 

For more details regarding social media, its use, tools and associated challenges, click here. Now, spread those wings!