Seeking a Mate or a Job? eHarmony Looking To Do Both

Who could foresee that your answers to finding a “match” personally could also lead to finding a job? If it’s true that today’s employers tend to select job candidates on “four to five superficial traits,” then isn’t it natural for online matchmakers, like eHarmony, who have robust personality profiles in their user database, to match employers with new employees?

The details have yet to be defined, but Inc. suggests that eHarmony will match supervisors with job-seekers based on personalities, work habits, hobbies and “other quantifiables that go beyond the typical competency metrics.” They could potentially provide employers with 40 data points, giving them a “much deeper connection” than traditional job board sites like Monster and networking tool LinkedIn.

Makes you ponder what’s in your database and how you might maximize all that data. Perhaps there is more there than you had originally intended. It might lead to a new product or service offering, and at a minimum, it can certainly enhance any customer segmentation or target audience strategy.

The idea connects with us. What do you think? Read the full article here.