RMK Special Bulletin: “Kit and Kaboodle”

RMK was pleased to work with Southern California Edison on a recent project to create a campaign kit promoting the statewide Flex Alert program. Flex Alert is an urgent call to all Californians to immediately conserve electricity and shift energy use to off-peak, evening hours (after 6 p.m.). Public awareness is critical to achieving high levels of conservation during heat waves and other challenging grid conditions.

The goals of the Flex Alert Kit were to help community organizations and municipalities increase awareness and educate their constituents about the program, including how to respond when a Flex Alert event is called (via radio and/or television).

What’s in the kit?
Along with a program overview brochure describing the program and tips on how organizations can promote Flex Alert within their community, the kit included posters, counter cards and take ones for organizations and municipalities to display at their facilities and events. Ad slicks and approved social media messages were also provided with tips on how to use the various media.

The kit also included premium items to help engage the public and keep Flex Alert top-of-mind. Premiums included:

  • Paper fans to help keep cool while adjusting thermostats to 78 degrees, effectively reducing use of air conditioning
  • Magnets to place on dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers to remind residents to delay using these appliances until after 6 p.m.
  • Stickers as a reminder to turn off unnecessary lights, computers and appliances
  • Note pads with the three actions to take in the event of a Flex Alert

Kits were also produced in various languages, including Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Vietnamese, to make sure the message effectively reached a diverse Southern California audience.

Please join RMK’s team and other residents throughout the state to stay alert and power down.