Optify’s 2012 B2B Benchmark Report

We are quickly wrapping up the first quarter of 2013, but we’ve come across a great benchmark report output by Optify regarding 2012 Web traffic trends. The report digs deep into topics such as social media, conversion rates, organic and paid searches, and lead generation. If you are looking for a little insight on how to carry out future campaigns, then look no further (drop us a message if you’d like us to email the report to you direct).

Here are the Key Findings Optify has picked out from their overall research and analysis:

  • There is clear cyclicality in the B2B space with first quarter of 2012 and from September tomid-November, showing the strongest performance in terms of traffic.
  • Google is the single most important referring domain to B2B websites, responsible for over36% of all visits.
  • Social Media is still a small fraction of traffic and leads to B2B websites, contributing onaverage less than 5% of all traffic and leads.
  • Email shows high engagement rates as well as strong conversion rates with an average 2.9%lead conversion rate.
  • Paid search usage showed a constant decline among B2B marketers in 2012. Over 10% ofcompanies in the report discontinued their paid search campaigns during 2012.
  • Twitter is the strongest social media channel for generating leads, outperforming Facebookand LinkedIn 9-to-1 with 82% of social media leads coming from Twitter.

Do you find any of these results surprising? Will you be adapting your current strategy by adding or taking away from it based on any of Optify’s findings? We encourage you to dig into the full report and let us know if your company has experienced alternative results or if you are finding this report proving to be spot on.