Mr. Mobile Rising

As marketers, technology is a pro at keeping us on our toes. In the early 1990s, this thing called the Internet got thrown at us. Everyone needed to be able to reach countless people through the new World Wide Web! Similarly, the introduction of email marketing had some heads spinning just a few years later. It seems like we do this pretty often nowadays; microsites, banner ads, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. New digital avenues are being introduced faster than you can tweet about them. But, what’s a good fit and what is better left on the table?

As marketers, we rack our brains trying to figure out how to get our message out to our desired market. The Internet brought it right into their homes and now its paired up with mobile devices to put it right in the palm, pocket, purse, or even, backpack of the desired target. Mobile marketing is taking off like its got a rocket strapped to it!

A recent article by Fast Company’s Ethan Hale makes a good case for mobile marketing. Take a look

Here are some of the highlights:

  • A mobile-based loyalty program for Maurices, a chain of women’s clothing stores was directly responsible for jump-starting $1 million in sales in only four months.
  • Smartphone usage increased by more than 100% in 2011 and is expected to do the same this year.
  • Mobile apps and platforms are driving more and more online traffic and more customized user experiences. 
  • Open rates for mobile phone texts are at 95%.

If you’ve already been successful with mobile marketing, kudos to you! We’d love to hear about your successes! If you’re on the fence, give us a call and we’ll help hash out the pros and cons. Not all channels may be a perfect match to your business, and that’s okay. While a good marketing mix is important, a strong and effective one, is even more so.