10 for 10

In celebration of their 10th anniversary, a Toronto-based advertising agency, Grip Limited, invited a creative and rather astute group of 10-year-olds to take hold of the agency reins.

Tasked with creating a variety of campaigns for a few of Grip’s existing clients, the “Execs in Training” strategize, brainstorm, develop and present their fleshed out ideas in hopes of hitting a home run.

While most decided advertising was rather easy, one clever gal quickly reveals the crux of advertising by noting “Making good ads that people will like is hard.” After surviving a day not too dissimilar from a day in RMK trenches, we salute this boisterous, and most certainly clever, group of 5th graders!

As RMK reflects on its own 10-year anniversary–celebrated just last year–we wonder if we should’ve taken a page out of this group’s book and stocked up on juice boxes, candy and foosball for the office. Perhaps even a state-of-the-art Nap Room should have been considered. As one young lady notes, “…its not hard, but you can get really tired.”

Click here to see the young group in action as they take on Expedia, Dare Foods and The Royal Winter Fair.