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10 for 10

In celebration of their 10th anniversary, a Toronto-based advertising agency, Grip Limited, invited a creative and rather astute group of 10-year-olds to take hold of the agency reins. Tasked with creating a variety of campaigns for a few of Grip’s existing clients, the “Execs in Training” strategize, brainstorm, develop and present their fleshed out ideas in hopes of hitting a home run.

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Take Two Lumps of Analytics with Your Cup of Creativity

Do you ever get the feeling you are leaving too much to chance when it comes to your marketing decisions? Do you sometimes wish you had more to fly by than just the seat of your pants? Adele Sweetwood, VP of Americas marketing and support at SAS, reminds us in her article ”Six Tips for Creating an Analytics-Driven Marketing Culture”, analytics should be at the core of your decision-making and therefore ingrained in your company culture.

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