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5 to Thrive!

Similar to the common struggles companies may face with social media platforms, diving into SMS marketing can have may folks asking, "So... what works and where do we start?" Whether you are texting customers for a short-term campaign or as an ongoing marketing channel, there are a few best practices to keep in mind when establishing your plan and forming each outgoing message.

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First thing in the AM?

Recently I was re-reading a “popular discussion” from thinkLA regarding the 18 must-know stats for modern email marketers; one of the stats got me thinking. You know the saying, “Timing is everything?” Well, number 7 of the must-knows indicated “58% of adults check their email first thing in the morning.” I absolutely agree. In fact, I would have guessed that percentage to be even higher. That aside, I wondered, “Yes, but how many are seriously checking their email?”

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RMK Special Bulletin: “Kit and Kaboodle”

RMK was pleased to work with Southern California Edison on a recent project to create a campaign kit promoting the statewide Flex Alert program. Flex Alert is an urgent call to all Californians to immediately conserve electricity and shift energy use to off-peak, evening hours (after 6 p.m.). Public awareness is critical to achieving high levels of conservation during heat waves and other challenging grid conditions. The goals of the Flex Alert Kit were to help community organizations and municipalities increase awareness and educate their constituents about the program, including how to respond when a Flex Alert event is called (via radio and/or television).

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Where has traditional marketing gone?

It’s no secret consumers are learning to put on blinders in an attempt to tune out traditional marketing messages. They aren’t interested in being told to blindly “buy now”. Alternatively, they are thirsty for information; information that will allow them to make comparisons, find answers to their questions and ultimately make an informed decision regarding a potential purchase.

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