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Candy is Dandy, But a Letter is Better

For those of you who don’t receive your monthly issue of Deliver Magazine, there is a great, little section featured toward the front of the magazine called “By the Numbers.” In bite-sized pieces, they give you some recent industry statistics to keep you in the know. In an issue of Deliver I came across an interesting statistic; taken from the DMA Statistical Fact Book 2012, Deliver shares with us the age range of consumers most likely to respond to mail piece is 22 to 24. Surprised? With the popularity of digital channels and social media coming out of our ears—or so it would seem—you may have been under the impression that this particular age group would shy away from “old-fashioned paper methods.” I immediately began asking questions to find ways to justify the statistic; For example, how much mail does the average 20-something receive? Perhaps they don’t receive a large volume of mail and therefore take a little more time to pick through and find relevance in the pieces they receive. Maybe a younger demographic finds a non-digital method refreshing and it becomes more likely to catch their eye. Hmm… Ultimately, I thought I’d seek out more support for this statistic.

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Seeking a Mate or a Job? eHarmony Looking To Do Both

Who could foresee that your answers to finding a “match” personally could also lead to finding a job? If it’s true that today’s employers tend to select job candidates on “four to five superficial traits,” then isn’t it natural for online matchmakers, like eHarmony, who have robust personality profiles in their user database, to match employers with new employees?

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Take Two Lumps of Analytics with Your Cup of Creativity

Do you ever get the feeling you are leaving too much to chance when it comes to your marketing decisions? Do you sometimes wish you had more to fly by than just the seat of your pants? Adele Sweetwood, VP of Americas marketing and support at SAS, reminds us in her article ”Six Tips for Creating an Analytics-Driven Marketing Culture”, analytics should be at the core of your decision-making and therefore ingrained in your company culture.

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